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Professional Bat Removal Company
Live Bat Removal Team

Live bat exclusion and control specialists. We can get rid of your bat colony from your home large or small. 

Bat Colony Relocation

Getting rid of bats our of your residential home is our specialty. Let our bat specialists solve your bat problem. 

Commercial Bat Control

Removing bats from large and high structures can be difficult. Our experts can solve any bat problem. 

Attic Restoration Services

Bats leave behind odors and health risk with their bat guano (their feces). We can remove bat guano from the attic.

Poison Free  
We are a poison free bat extermination company. We do not use traps, fumigations, or chemicals to get rid of bats.   
Bat Removal Solutions

Bats in the attic can be hard to get rid of. Let our professional bat exclusion team solve your bat problem today!

Hire a Pro

We are bat removal and wildlife control experts. We are not pest control exterminators that use poisons or fumigations.  


What We Do

We are a full service bat control company. Our bat removal specialists and team can get rid of any size bat colony. We have over 15 years of real experience in the bat pest control industry. We specialize in the removal of bats from attics, buildings, and other man made structures. We only use the most humane and poison free methods to solve a bat problem. We can get rid of your Florida bats Guaranteed.  

Our Background

Florida Bat Control, LLC  has over 15 years of experience in the bat removal and control industry. We specialize in bat removal from attics. 

Bat Removal in Tampa

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