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Bat extermination is a term many people may think to use when looking for a bat removal company.  We do not use poisons or pesticides like a pest control company.  We are not exterminating the bats from your attic or home, but simply excluding the bats by relocation to an alternative living area. When thinking of bat extermination think of live bat exclusion.  

Florida Bat Control, LLC. only provides humane bat removal exclusions and bat control.  We are a bat control company located in Tampa, FL.   We do not kill bats, use bat repellents, or trap bats because none work and all are very inhumane and even illegal.  We are not a bat pest control company but we know how to get rid of bats through a more educated and humane process.  Florida Bat Control, LLF. is fully licensed and insured.  If you need Florida bat removal anywhere in the state of Florida call us today.