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Description of How Bats Get into Your Home

Chimney Caps - Chimney caps with 1/2" hardware cloth ensure there will be no more bats living in your fireplace.

Eave Repairs- Often times bats will enter your house through an eave area. Eaves are areas where one roof line meets another roof line, creating a construction gap. A bat will fold its body up and slide right in.  

Gable Vents - Gable vents are vents that sit on the side of your house and provide ventilation. We often need to screen the top of these vents with galvanized hardware cloth. Bats are the most common animals entering these areas.

Ridge Vents - Ridge vents are vents that sit on top of the peak of your house allowing ventilation. Even if there is a fiberglass screen underneath the bats will sit under the vent cap causing the screen to deteriorate.  Ridge should be nailed down tight to the roof line. 

Attic Vent Cages- Cages over your attic and canned vents can prevent from getting into your attic.

Flashing- Around chimneys and eves can prevent bats and other wildlife from entering your attic and home. Shiny metal flashing above door ways and on wood siding can deter bats from roosting.

Bat proofing your home is essential when dealing with unwanted pest. Most bats are very territorial and will often come back to a home if the repairs not done right. We offer all types of repairs. Chimney caps, eaves, gable vents, ridge vents, caulking, screening, flashing, and more. We use caulking and roof sealant on all repairs. Below are some reasons for repairs:

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Bat Proofing Your Home to Keep bats Out