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Most of our calls are residential bat removal calls. We specialize in bat removal and spend nearly 100% of our time with studying these creatures and performing live bat removal.  We understand there are needs for all bat control services and that's what we are here to help with.  our services include, bat removal, bat control, bat inspections, bat proofing, insulation, and attic restoration, and any other services related to bat control and bat prevention.  ​

  • Colonial Style
  • Hip Roofs
  • Brick Homes
  • Asphalt Roof
  • Tile Roof


  • Log Cabins

  • Ranch Homes

  • 2 Story Homes

  • 3 Story Homes

  • Duplex Homes


  • Hearing Bats Scratching in the walls 

  • Fowel odor coming from the ceiling or walls (you either have a dead bat decaying or large amounts of bat droppings and urine.)

  • You are probably seeing bats fly out of a vent, soffit or construction gap on your home.)

  • Bat flying threw your house

  • Bat in your fire place 

  • Dark staining on your gable vent louvers (Bats have made there way through an open vent on your home)

Residential Bat Control in January

We have successfully completed thousands of live bat exclusions on residential homes.  We pride ourselves in great customer service and make sure our work is completed to the customers full satisfaction.  We remove all unwanted nuisance bats from your home, repair the entry points, and clean up their mess. We are a bat control company with years of experience in the bat removal industry. We have worked on several style of homes in the state of Florida . We work on 3 and 4 story homes with steep pitches. Locating every entry point and other potential points of entry is key when controlling bats. We typically find bats in the attic in residential homes. Knowing how to get rid of bats is essential when the are in a residence home. 

Florida Bat Control 

Residential Bat Exclusions