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Florida Bat Control, LLC- Service Agreement 

Work done on your home is only as good as the guarantee that backs it. We stand behind our work and guarantee it with a warranty. For all bat removal projects we guarantee our work and back it with a one year warranty. We never set a few traps, catch bats and call it a job. It is our goal to solve your bat problem permanently. We try to identify the cause of the problem and fix it. For example, if you have bats living in the attic, bat exclusions are the only way to get rid of your problem. Fixing the holes to prevent the return is our number one goal. We aspire to never return to your home for the same bat control issue. If a bat gets past our repairs we will fix it for no additional charge for the first year. 

Our flat rate bat exclusion is quoted to your entire home and includes a one year service agreement. Our estimates and service contract are for removal and bat proofing your entire home or building. We seal all openings ½” high x 1 ½“ wide where a bat can enter into your home or attic. This is for your satisfaction and security that if there is a re-entry of a bat into your home (post eviction) we will return with no additional cost during our service agreement. One-way door removal after a minimum of 3 days for eviction are included upon request and appointment. Through our bat control preventive maintenance program, you may add as many years to your service agreement each year following your yearly inspection at a reduced exclusion rate. 

We do no cover repairs sealed by the homeowner or other contractor. Bats getting into homes through open doors or windows will not be covered. A Dead bat found in the attic or house is not covered under our warranty however we will return for an additional service fee to remove the deceased bat.  Bats hanging on the exterior of the home, roosting behind shutters, roosting under loose siding, roosting underneath eaves or roosting in gable vents we did not screen from the outside of the home will not be covered under the warranty. A re-entry of bats into your home during maternity season (spring and summer) will be dealt with during the fall and winter. Scratching noises heard during the warranty period by other wildlife will not be covered. This includes mice, Rats, squirrels, raccoon's, and all other wildlife. New roofs, weather damage, or any other damages to the outside of your house will void your bat removal warranty.